Resoling Blundstone boots

I have a pair of Blundstone 550 boots. Purchased in Alice Springs when my previous shoes fell to pieces, I wore them every day for years until the soles had nearly worn smooth. In particular the heels had worn badly on one side.

At this point you start thinking about getting them re-soled. And everyone, Blundstone included, will tell you this can't be done.

A bit of searching will turn up a couple of places that will, in fact, resole Blundstones. But they are all in the US or Canada. But that means it is possible…

It took me a bit of digging, but I eventually found the Boot Repair Company. For £50 they sent me a DPD bag, arranged its collection, and a week and a half later the repaired boots were delivered back to me. My boots now have Vibram soles and look good for years to come. As you can see.

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