AIX Packages

Information on various AIX packages I've made.

These packages are provided as a service to the AIX community. I make no claim about their fitness or correctness. The only thing I promise about them is that they will take up space on your hard drive.

You can download my packages here. Source RPMSs (SRPMS) are here.

All packages were built on my AIX 5.2 system. They are only suitable for AIX 5.2 and above. If you have an earlier AIX release, you'll need to use the SRPMS to make suitable binaries.

Nearly all the packages found at the above links are now very out of date. You should only consider using packages listed on this page.

A word on Open Source AIX RPMs

Back with the launch of AIX 5, IBM added a build of RPM to the AIX distribution, and made available a selection of RPMs for popular open source software.

Since the initial burst of activity, this useful facility has nearly completely stagnated. You can see the current offerings on the IBM website. The majority are now over a decade old. The version of RPM shipped with AIX has not changed either, precluding the use of yum. From the perspective of this developer, AIX is not merely dead as a platform, it has started to smell badly.

The remaining source of RPMs for AIX is Michael Perzl's heroic individual effort. This is a marvellous resource. If you need pre-requisite packages to install any of the following, those pre-requisites will be found there. All packages I build now are based on an AIX 5.2 host set up with packages from

Version control


The latest Mercurial package available is for Mercurial 3.0.2. This is a stock package - built from the unpatched release sources and packaged into a RPM with contrib/buildrpm using the standard Mercurial specification, now compatible with AIX. It requires Python 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7 to be installed.

Packages for versions of Mercurial prior to 2.8 were all built against Python 2.4, using Python and other packages I built myself some years ago. If you need to run these, head to the old AIX Packages page.

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