Anthill OS

AnthillPro is a continuous integration system published by Urbancode.

Once upon a time, way back in its life, Anthill was plain Anthill and there was an open source variant, Anthill OS. I started using this for automated building and packaging of work's projects about 4 years ago. Since then, I've added to it a couple of times to meet work requirements, first adding Subversion support and lately Mercurial support.

Being a good little Open Source citizen, I contributed my changes back to Urbancode. But I think they've lost interest in Anthill OS. Some made it in, but most have barely been acknowledged. So I'm making them available for anyone who wants them.


I make Anthill OS available as two Mercurial repositories. The main repository is simply an import of the Anthill OS CVS.

My changes are in the form of Mercurial Queues (MQ) patches. At the moment, Mercurial's handling of distributing these could be neater. To set up your local Mercurial repository with Anthill OS plus my patches, do this:

$ hg qclone
$ cd Anthill

You can then apply all the patches:

$ hg qpush -a

For more details on MQ, see Bryan O'Sullivan's excellent Mercurial book.

Known problems

Mercurial adapter and changes with lots of files

Changes with a lots of files may cause trouble using the Mercurial adapter.

The problem is that currently I am using a regular expression (.*) to match the list of filenames. Against a long stream of text, this may cause a stack overflow.

At some stage I will adjust the regular expression to be more sparing of stack. Until then, I have got round the problem locally by starting tomcat with the JVM command line flag -Xss2M. This gives each thread 2Mb of stack, which is enough to keep me going for now.

Versioned build

The Versioned Build links don't work at the moment.


Click on this image, and then click on the next presented image for a full-sized version.

Anthill OS in action.

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