Canon MF9280 and CUPS

I've wasted a truckload of time getting the office MF9280 to work using the official Canon Linux drivers. I did eventually get the Debian package, installed on my 64bit Jessie laptop, to work, but only after some heavy Googling found a suggestion to install libstdc++6:i386 (yes, the 32bit version of the C++ runtime).

I've junked using the Canon drivers and their UFI connection to the printer and gone instead to driving via Postscript using a PPD extracted from the Canon Unix driver download. This Just Works. On this printer it's noticeably slower than UFI.

I spent two happy years working at CISRA, Canon's Sydney R&D centre where UFI was developed. I'd love to use it, but the drivers are so much well down to Canon's usual driver standard. I should make it very clear that CISRA is NOT responsible for the drivers.

Here's the PPD

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