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-. +====== Ceci n'est pas un blog ====== 
-Google is very good search engine. It'​s ​been in business since 2001 and is nowadays dominating the marketOther search engines like Yahoo, ​[[http://​www.bing.com|Bing]] and others ​have a lot smaller share in the marketHopefully that will change sometime soon in the future.+ 
 +This isn'​t ​blog. 
 +It'​s ​more like my public notepad. Bits of this and that which someone else might one day find useful. 
 +===== What's here? ===== 
 +  * [[Software]]. 
 +  * [[Hardware]]. 
 +  * [[Linux]] stuff. 
 +  * [[AIX]] stuff. My [[http://​www.mercurial-scm.org|Mercurial]] AIX packages are [[aix_packages|here]]. 
 +  * [[Other]] stuff. 
 +  * A few [[talks]] I have given or [[articles]] I've written. 
 +  * [[accuoxford|ACCU Oxford]]. 
 +  * [[CryHavoc|Cry Havoc Morris]]. 
 +===== Who? ===== 
 +If you really must know, you can find out [[whoami | here]]. And if you have a local email account, you can find webmail [[https://​lunch.org.uk/​roundcube|here]].
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