Subversion on AIX 5 binaries

Update 5/2/2009

I've not used Subversion for over a year now, and my builds were rather out of date. I've removed them. Why not check out Michael Perzl's wonderful collection of AIX packages, which includes RPM packaged Subversion. You might be interested in some of my other AIX packages, all RPM packaged.

The old content

There isn't currently an official AIX binary release of Subversion. If it existed, it should be an RPM in the mould of the various existing open source project RPMs from IBM, Bull and others. But I'm not an RPM wizard...

In the meantime I have compiled up various Subversion versions for my own use. I have not given the resulting executables much in the way of testing, but I do use them in my day to day development work. I make them available here for the benefit of the AIX community, but you use them at your own risk.

I configured Subversion thus:

      $ ./configure --without-berkeley-db --prefix=/opt/subversion-<version> --with-ssl --with-libs=/opt/freeware --disable-javahl
I am now using the IBM C compiler xlc to build packages, by prefixing the above configure line with
      CC=xlc CFLAGS=-qlanglvl=extc99
Setting the language level is to stop the compiler giving an error when building some of the command line programs, as the IBM header files include 'volatile' in a preprocessor macro definition which is later applied to a variable already labelled 'volatile', thus leaving the compiler with two 'volatile's in the same declaration. Under the default settings the compiler will report an error.
      CC=xlc_r CFLAGS=-qlanglvl=extc99 CXX=xlC_r CXXFLAGS=-qlanglvl=extended

Note that I have built without the Sleepycat DB. You can use the fsfs backend only.

To use these binaries you will need some RPMs installed. The following packages are required:

These are found on the AIX Linux CD, or can be downloaded from the IBM Toolbox for Linux page. For the OpenSSL package follow the 'Cryptographic Content' link on that page.

4/11/04: Page and packages updated to include https repository access. zlib and ssl support added to neon.
21/1/05: Added 1.1.3. Page updated to include xlc compile details.
7/4/05: Added 1.1.4. xlc only build, as gcc build fails.
3/4/06: Added 1.3.0. xlc only build, have not tried gcc. Requires openssl 0.9.7g.
4/4/06: Added 1.3.1. xlc only build, have not tried gcc. Requires openssl 0.9.7g.
23/8/06: Added 1.3.2. xlc only build, have not tried gcc.
23/11/07: Removed all but 1.1.3, 1.1.4 and 1.3.2. I've switched to Mercurial. Mercurial RPMs for AIX forthcoming.
5/2/09: Removed remaining binaries. If you're after Subversion on AIX, check out Michael Perzl's wonderful collection of AIX packages.